ECOLT 1.0 Platform

It’s never been easier to start an manage your business online! With ECOLT 1.0 One Stop OMS (Operations Management System) Platform, you get one unified solution to run your business with ease. ECOLT 1.0 helps you build complete eco-system of your business, expanding reach and increasing customer base.

Easy On boarding with PaaS
ECOLT 1.0 is offered as Platform as a Service (PaaS), so that you save considerable time and heavy infrastructure costs while you focus on your core business. ITARIUM works closely with you to assess your business needs and seamlessly integrate ECOLT 1.0, to help you build your online business in jiffy. Being PaaS solution, it’s highly scalable to keep up with your business growth on cloud/hosted platform. You also get benefit of continuous innovation and upgrades to leverage latest trends, new features, technology advancements.

Mobile ready
ECOLT 1.0 solution comes with mobile readiness to access your business from anywhere anytime. It includes a built-in mobile friendly tools and apps. Your customers and employees can manage most of their operations from mobile phone or tablet.

Seamless Collaboration
ECOLT 1.0 solution has built in notification and alerts mechanism to keep you and your back office updated on the go. This also ensures increased communication resulting in customer delight and repeat business. ECOLT 1.0 also helps easy communication and exchange data with your partners and channel with B2B/EDI.

ECOLT 1.0 has actionable dashboard of your sales, orders, and trends which helps you make the right choices for your business. Comprehensive reports and analytics enables you analyze and gain insights into your business's growth. ECOLT 1.0 also integrates with Google Analytics helping you track sales, visits, and referrals.

ECOLT 1.0 is built using core Microsoft technologies like Windows Azure, Sql Server, IIS, RESTful WEBAPI, C#: Angular 4, iOS and Android mobile technologies which will ensure that this digital business platform delivers three things INNOVATION, AGILITY and SCALABILITY which are utmost important to your business.

ECOLT 1.0 - One Stop ECOM Platform

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