IoT - Remote Monitoring Solutions

Unlock insights from your data to improve business performance!!

Everybody is talking about data! But what is important is to understand the power and effect of data on business, by leveraging it to its optimum and gain valuable insights. We at ITARIUM will help you in nuances of collecting, managing, and analysing data aligned to your organization’s objectives and improve business performance. Knowing that IoT is not an off-the-shelf solution, ITARIUM builds solutions using technologies such as Enterprise Mobility, Video Analytics, Cloud Integration, and Business Analytics to produce actionable improvements, or to create entirely new business models and revenue streams.

ITARIUM can help you in:

  • Remote Asset Monitoring Solutions for Manufacturing
  • IoT-based Healthcare Solutions
  • Real-time visibility and Asset Monitoring for Logistics

Internet of Things (IoT), provides distinctive opportunities for enterprises to connect people, processes and systems.

ITARIUM helps you build high performance, scalable, cloud based IoT platform that uses open industry standards, flexible architecture supporting various patterns of connectivity, and integrating components of Industry leading security players.

IoT - Remote Monitoring Solutions

ITARIUM's Project Management techniques are supported by a methodology developed after years of project management experience in a variety of domains, including large and small implementations. Visit Project Execution Methodology to know more.

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